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Ethnic Tax Base


Minorities and immigrants add to the tax base of the local and national economies. For example, minorities pay an estimated $17 billion in real estate taxes in the United States and 85 million dollars in Minnesota.

The state of Minnesota estimates the tax burden by income and population groups in Minnesota. If we take a conservative estimate of 5 percent of the income of minorities go towards state and local taxes then minority tax payments are an estimated 60 million dollars in Minnesota.

There have been other estimates of tax payments by minorities in Minnesota. For example, James Kielkopf estimates that Latino workers add $480 million in annual value added to the economy of South Central Minnesota, including an additional $45 million in state and local tax revenue (Kielkopf, 2000)




Different Taxes Minorities Pay?

  • Mexican Americans paid $ 8 million in real estate taxes in Minnesota
  • Hmong American paid over $ 3 million in real estate taxes in Minnesota
  • In Saint Paul Blacks paid over 2 million dollars in real estate taxes. (Census 2000)
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