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Ethnic Cultural Capital

Ethnic cultural capital includes: ethnic institutions, ethnic food, ethnic art, dance and theatre, ethnic media, ethnic languages and ethnic global connections.

The taste of Minnesota is slowly changing. Recent reports point to Minnesota as one of the top Salsa markets in the country.   Tortilla sales have outstripped the sale of white bread in the country. In many  towns of Minnesota one can find the local  “Chinese” restaurant. Soon the bowl of noodles and Tandoori chicken will be hot favorites in Minnesota !

There is a vibrant ethnic art scene in Minnesota, whether it is art, music or theatre. The Minnesota State Arts Board  has links to many of these groups on their web site.

It is good to nurture ethnic languages as they will be very useful in relationships to be established in our global society. More importantly, the ethnic communities in Minnesota well help the state learn the intricacies of cross cultural communication in our global economy.

Link to Ethnic Arts Organizations

Link to Ethnic Restaurants

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Ethnic Media


Why Nurture Ethnic Cultural Capital

  • the Beyond Diversity Resource Center constructed an index based on the probability of encountering a person from another race Minnesota ranked 39th among the states and the Minneapolis Saint Paul area ranked the last among the 20 urban areas. In this context ethnic cultural capital can play a very important role as Minnesota works to become a truly global state


















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