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Ethnic Global Networks

Minnesota in increasingly becoming a global economy. This fact is illustrated in a number of indicators such as trade as a percentage of the state's economy or the use of foreign skilled workers in a wide range of Minnesotan cities.

Ethnic global networks help Minnesota expand trade networks around the world, help bring workers to meet our labor needs, help bring new investments into Minnesota and help liven our cultural and art spaces.

Our success for the future will depend on how we tap into these important networks.





Ethnic Global Capital

MN -More Global Than we Think

  • Minnesota was among the top 12 states in the nation for the growth rate of foreign born population
  • Over 125 cities in Minnesota applied for a foreign high skilled worker
  • Minnesota's top export markets are in Asia, Central and South America
  • Over 9000 foreign students in Minnesota spent over 178 million dollars in the local economy and are an important source for new workers


















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