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The Dynamic Power of Ethnic Capital In Minnesota

We do not have to look far to see the dynamic power of ethnic capital in Minnesota















Launch of multiethnic coalition in MN - onemn.org


The new Midtown Global Market on Lake Street

This is the latest hot spot for ethnic trend watchers. Here you will find a taste of the world and a living experiment of ethnic firms moving to the next frontier - tapping mainstream markets.

World Cultural Heritage District


  • Buying Power of over 12 billion dollars bigger than the GDP of Afganistan and over 50 countries in the world
  • Firms growing more rapidly than the overall growth rate of firms in the state
  • Workers both at the high skilled level such as Doctors and Scientists as well as essential services such as roofers, construction workers, food processors and agricultural workers
  • Millions of dollars in state and local taxes such as income tax, sales taxes and real estate taxes
  • Vibrant ethnic dance, music, theatre, food and art forms
  • Helping Minnesota expand trade through ethnic networks in many parts of the world

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